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www.meteosicilia.org presents these terms of use that will regulate the documented and non-registered users of the web site. These terms are updated without prior notice

The contents of this website

1. The website does not ensure you of the 100% quality and accuracy of the posts.

2. The posts aren’t medical advice. You are able to connect to the recommended surgeons for medical advice.

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4. Copy you agree not to download and replicate the contents for any functions. There are also third party businesses who have posted their tips and the copyright is owned by the web site and as user you need to be aware of their terms of use as well.

5. We assure you that the identity of the individual or the patients who functioned as models where not exposed although you can find contents which might demonstrate. These nude pictures are for educational purposes and do not have the aim to offend any person and their culture. May very well not continue to make use of this site if you believe this is really a misdemeanor. We express gratitude for such misinterpretations; nevertheless, since we wish to let people know what’s our niche we must do such.

Using And Posting

1. You agree that the posts must not contain anything that may misrepresent the company and any surgeons affiliated in the website or must not be malicious.

2. You have to be courteous as well as on subject when commenting. Opinions which are offensive might not be posted

3. Its contents also needs to be consistent with all the terms for contents, when submitting testimonials through videos.

4. You aren’t permitted to post offensive pictures and also other photographs which might hurt the standing of the website. We may provide alterations to accentuate the quality.

5. When you submit and post contents for this website, you hereby consent the royalty for this website is free

6. You’re can also upload contents but you are accountable for their contents whether they are comments, photographs, videos, data, text, documents as well as other information that you post utilizing the Service or input.


The utilization of the site is free but there are corresponding consulting fees when you avail the services of the surgeons and this website won’t intervene for such. Arrangement should be made between you the doctors. We are not among the payment gateways too.

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